Week of August 19

Available right now at City Feed on Centre Street

Collard Greens, Allandale Farm, Brokline MA
Rainbow Chard, Allandale Farm, Brokilne, MA
Lacinato Kale, Applefield Farm, Stow MA
Green Cabbage, Allandale Farm, Brookline MA
Red Cabbage, Allandale Farm, Brookline MA
Classic Eggplant, Allandale Farm, Brookline MA
Daikon Radish, Allandale Farm, Brookline, MA
Garlic, fresh with stalk, Blue Heron Farm, Lincoln, MA
Purple Scallions, Blue Heron Farm, Lincoln MA
Yellow, White and Red Onions, Allandale Farm, Brookline MA
Bunched Carrots, Four Star Farm, Seekonk, RI
Yellow Peaches, Lanni Orchard, Lunenburg MA
Nectarines, Carlson Orchards, Harvard MA
Loose Spinach, Fishbowl Farm, Bodinham, ME
Blackberries, Shartner Farm, Exeter RI
Blueberries, Bluesky Produce, Maine
Bagged Arugula, Applefield Farm, Stow MA
Spring Mixed Greens, City Growers, Dorchester, MA
Green Bell Peppers, Allandale Farm, Brookline, MA
Hot Peppers (jalepeno and aji crstal) Allandale Farm, brookline, MA
Ira Kohlrabi, Allandale Farm, Brookline MA
Zucchni, Allandale Farm, Brookline, MA
Slicing Cucumber, Westerminster Oganic, Westminster, MA
Pickling Cucmbers, Langwater Farm, North Easton, MA
Korean Melons, Meggie’s Far, Rehoboth, MA – chemical free
Shitake Mushrooms, Farming Turtles, Exeter, RI
Mixed Beets, City Growers, Dorchester, MA
AND local tomatoes — Heirloom, cherry tomatoes, field tomatoes — ALL KINDS!

Come & get it while the gettin’s good!