Misty Knoll Vermont Raised Turkey


Please request a preferred weight range for your turkey (below) and we will do all we can to honor your request.

It is impossible for the farmer to predict final turkey weight with complete accuracy given that turkeys are allowed to grow naturally to size.

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  • Vermont Raised Turkey at $4.99/lb
  • $20 deposit paid now
  • Balance due at time of pickup




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Misty Knoll Vermont Raised Young Turkey 
Misty Knoll Farms is a family-run operation in Rutland, Vermont which raises some of the best-tasting and highest-quality poultry in the country. We carry their ground turkey and chicken every week in our store, and it has gained a loyal following in the neighborhood.   We drive up to the farm in Vermont the Monday before Thanksgiving to get the Turkeys and bring them back to you for your Thanksgiving meal.

Here’s what some of our pre-order customers had to say about pre-ordering from City Feed for Thanksgiving:

“I looked forward to having a Thanksgiving where I knew exactly where the turkey our family shared was raised and under what conditions. Pre-ordering at City Feed makes your holidays a true New England experience rather than anonymous and industrialized! Shop local to make a difference in your community!”


“We loved the turkey. It looked like a real bird, instead of a huge breast with legs. We dry-brined it and basted with duck fat. All the meat was tasty, juicy, and wonderful.”


“This is the first year I participated and I was singularly impressed with the turkey, as well as the terrific ease and efficiency of the pre-order experience. Great offering and great customer service.”


“Thank you for serving this community by offering fresh and local food of excellent quality. You made it easy and allowed me to feel stress free and so good about hosting the family Thanksgiving. I will never do it any other way again.”


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Tuesday, November 21, Wednesday, November 22

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