Thank You!

We have reached our original goal of $60,000, and exceeded our stretch goal of $100,000!


Thank You!

We have reached our original goal of $60,000, and exceeded our stretch goal of $100,000!

Kristine and I are deeply appreciative and incredibly touched by all of the support you have shown.

The initial $60,000 will be to secure the Boylston Street store property. We were able to reach our initial goal in 3 days! (WOW) & Thank You!

With 3 days remaining, we exceeded our STRETCH GOAL of $100,000! THANK YOU!!

At the end of the campaign, we have 428 Backers, raising over $118,850! The additional funds raised beyond 60,000 will go towards the the re-installation of the store and equipment upgrades.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. Having friends, family and neighbors like all of you makes it easy to serve.

Viva Little Feed! -- David and Kristine

Viva Little Feed!



Contribution statistics final.

The Back Story: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

As many of you know, in August of last year, we had to close the doors of our Boylston Street store while the building’s owners made major repairs.

The work has taken much longer than originally estimated. While the carrying cost has been a strain for us over the past five months, it has also provided the opportunity to negotiate a purchase of the space. Owning the space will allow us to ensure our future in our favorite corner of the neighborhood we originated in.

Help Us Reopen Little Feed!

We need to raise $60,000 by February 21 to cover the down payment on the property. Any additional monies raised will be used to complete the re-installation and re-opening of the store.

You get great rewards for helping us out! The more you buy in, the bigger the reward!

What is a Stored Value Card?

A Stored Valued Card is a pre-paid card, that you may use in either store for your purchases. It helps us get money when we need it and it gives you rewards for your advanced purchase. A gift for everyone! Viva Little Feed!

What is a Pre-Paid House Charge Account?

For levels at $750 & higher we will create a house charge account that is associated with your stored value Card. Having a house charge account is what will enable you to obtain your discount on *all of your City Feed purchases over the course of the next year The balance of the House Account will start with the amount of credit purchased on it. Once you spend it down to $0 available in credit, you may continue to pay with cash or credit, or add more credit to the house account. When you come in to shop, just show us your value card, and the amount you spend will be deducted from your account.

*excluding alcohol & newspapers

These products are no longer available because we reached our goals! Thank You!

17 years ago we opened the doors of our first little store on Boylston Street.

We had three goals:

Our Little Corner


To create a place in our little corner of JP where you could find 'food you actually want to eat and a good cup of coffee.'

Serving Neighborhood


To try to make a living, serving our neighbors and peers.

Make Connections


To be a place where neighbors would see neighbors on a regular basis, forging new connections and reinforcing old ones.

We succeeded because you embraced our business whole-heartedly.

Viva Little Feed & Thank you!

Support Little Feed.
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Get Rewards.

Could it be any better? You get your money back, spending it in a locally-sourced store you love, and you get great rewards for helping us keep the Boylston Street store going.