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Community Building: Racial Healing

Last Year's SJPHC Racial Healing Team
Last Year’s SJPHC Racial Healing Team

At City Feed and Supply, we are proud to support the work of our neighbors — like the local youth involved in the Jamaica Plain Youth Health Equity Collaboration, hosted by the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center.

As an approach to improving community health, each year the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Centre convenes a group of youth, half of whom identify as White and half of whom identify as people of color, to participate in yearlong racial healing and reconciliation process. Through readings, racial affinity groups, workshops, healing circles and speak outs, the youth are challenged to move beyond purely intellectual conversations about race and racism and are supported by each other and team of community organizers and social workers, to experience the feelings that come up when we talk about racism and understand the ways it shapes our existence. This year, over dozens of youth from across JP interviewed to join the cohort, committed to engaging in teachings and conversations about racism, identify and systems as means to strengthen their organizing for social change and racial justice.”

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One of the things they learned was that nutrition is the first line of defense against the system of racism. The body needs the B12, iron and zincĀ  to recover from the experience of oppression at the cellular level. So they began asking for healthy food for their meetings and workshops. For most, this meant trying new foods like bean salad, tofu, hummus, and spinach wraps They were excited to charge their bodies to equip them to do the heard work of fighting racism and building equity.”

At City Feed and Supply, we are proud to support this collaborative work by adding to the mix of nutritious food that fuels this group’s meetings and workshops! Learn more about the Jamaica Plain Youth Health Equity Collaboration: CLICK HERE!

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