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Farmstead Cheese for the Thankgiving Table

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Come on down to sample from our selection of soft, semisoft, firm, spicy & mild New England Farmstead Cheese. We are featuring three cheeses for the holiday season, where we have negotiated a lower price from the producers and have agreed to take a smaller margin, with the hopes of introducing delicious artisan New England cheese to more of our neighbors tables this holiday season.


Tres Bonnes
Boston Post Road Dairy
Enosberg Falls, VT
Pasteurized Goat
$16.99 / pound

Balanced acid, with milk goat and lip smacking cream finish.  Begging for a tickly white wine.

Kid friendly to boot.

Pairs well with the Brooks Amycas 2009.

Sweet Emotion
Lazy Lady Farm
Westfield, VT
Pasteurized Goat and Cow

This delightful semi-soft provides a pillowy texture with an earthy complexity that gently expresses itself for many seconds after chew. David Warner’s desert island cheese.

Pairs well with the Westport Rivers Brut RJR 2006.


Mt. Alice
Von Trapp Farmstead
Waitsfield, VT
Certified Organic Pasteurized Cow

Wonderful balance of cream, spice, earth, grass and forest.  Snackable yet sophisticated.

Come on down to sample these seasonal offerings, and check out our catering page for information about New England Farmstead Cheese Platters!