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Sustainable Wines for the Thanksgiving Table

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Here are a few wines we recommend for your Thanksgiving table. These wines feature small producers, sustainable growing practices & non-interventionist cultivation methods. These Massachusetts & Oregon wines will pair well with your Thanksgiving fare!

Brooks Amycas 2009
Willamette Valley, OR


Brooks Winery, founded by visionary winemaker Jimi Brooks in 1998, is a biodynamic & organic winery at the forefront of the Oregon wine movement. Over the last fifteen years, Brooks has matured into a world class winery showcasing the amazing potential in quality and terroir of Oregon.

The Amycas white wine is a beautiful Alsacian style blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewuztraminer, Muscat, and Riesling. Notes of roses, lychee, and pear with crisp acidity and just a touch of honey-like sweetness mingle for the perfect pairing with Thanksgiving fare. An exceptional value.

Pair the Brooks Amycas with the Tres Bonnes of Boston Post Road Dairy.


Westport Rivers Brut RJR 2006
Westport, MA

A ‘traditional method’ sparkling wine with a nice round body, frothy effervescence offering bright fruit aromas of pear, apple, honey and yeast. The mouthwatering acidity will keep folks asking for more throughout the Thanksgiving meal. Exceptional care is given to this wine: after several years of aging, these bottles deliver high quality sought after in French Champagnes. Keep it LOCAL this holiday and serve Massachusetts’ finest (Westport, MA). $28.99

Pair the Brut RJR with Sweet Emotion of Lazy Lady Farm.


Illahe Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, OR

Rather than drive tractors through their beloved vineyards, Illahe uses horse drawn carts to mow & collect the harvest. Instead of using steel machine presses, Illahe uses a soften, gentler wooden basket press. Their dedication to harmonious symbiosis between their vineyards, winery and the Earth influences every decision made in wine-making process.

Illahe’s 2011 Pinot Noir is as expressive a Pinot as you’ll find: bright raspberry and cherry acidity with a bold, underlying note of earth, wood and whispers of smoke. Lighter bodied but not shy in flavor or aroma, this Pinot has the depth one looks for in good Burgundy, and evers some ageability. Thi is the ideal red for the Thanksgiving table: acidic enough to cut through heavy foods, but light enough not to overpower the meal that you’ve worked so hard to put on the table!

Want to find out more about these great wines or have questions about other producers that you find in our Centre Street store? Come on down and ask for Jake or email him at j.zantopp[at]!