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We have been working hard to create a more sustainable business model, review our progress in RED WHITE BLUE and GREEN! & See why it’s so darn important to Buy Local in KEEP IT LOCAL!

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City Food is Red, White, Blue, and Green
Since our start in 2000, we have consistently taken initiative to be sustainable in all aspects of our business, and take every opportunity to decrease our environmental footprint.

We were recognized as one of Boston’s sustainable leaders with a 2009 Green Business Award, presented by Mayor Menino on behalf of the City of Boston. Check out the press release here. We also received a Bike Friendly Business Award in 2008.

When building our Centre St store, we took advantage of the free green building technical assistance offered by the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s GreenTech Initiative. Read about some of the green and sustainable strategies and materials we used to open our Centre St. location.

*We are happy to be participating in the Sustainable Business Leader Program, and have created a “Green Team” within our staff to implement an action plan that continues our efforts to reduce waste and lessen City Feed’s environmental impact.

Through working with Save That Stuff’s Recycling Program, our two stores continue to reduce our carbon footprint every year!

Together we have recycled 23.5 tons of cardboard, 9 tons of co-mingled items and 54.9 tons of compost. When you do that math, we’ve recycled 87.7 tons of waste in 2011! Our efforts have saved 401 adult trees, 500 cubic yards of Landfill space, and 175,767 kilowatts of electricity (or 104 barrels of oil). In total we have reduced our carbon footprint by 39.9 metric tons, the equivalent to taking 32 cars off the road!

Download the 2011 report from Save That Stuff for more stats!

Here are some of our daily practices that demonstrate our commitment to the environment:

  • With an emphasis on fresh, local, and sustainable food, we
    carry over 600 local and regional products, and source directly from
    local farmers whenever possible. Click here for
    more on how we “Keep it Local”!
  • We recycle all card board boxes, paper, plastic containers,
    tin cans, and glass bottles.
  • City Feed on composts all food scraps, coffee
    grounds, produce waste.
  • We encourage you to bring your own mug with a 25-cent back
  • All menus and flyers are printed locally on 100% recycled
  • Our City Feed tote bags are made in New Hampshire from
    recycled cotton.
  • We offer recycled bio-degradable plastic bags for our
    customers’ purchases.
  • We have clearly marked recycling and trash
    receptacles that educate our customers and make it convenient to
    dispose of their waste properly.

Keep It Local
Meet Our Local Suppliers!

Check out some of our favorite local organizations, businesses, and resources!

Why shop locally owned?

  • Strengthen the Local Economy
    When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, significantly more of your dollars are put back into the local economy. The money you spend at a local business is often used to make purchases from other local businesses, local service providers, and local suppliers.
  • Keep Our Community Unique
    Instead of living in “Anywhere America”, you can be proud to call Jamaica Plain, MA your home. Our one-of-a-kind local businesses give our community character and cultural vitality. Check out some of our favorite local places to shop!
  • Create Jobs for Locals
    Local businesses hire residents of the community and create good jobs close to home. At City Feed, we feel lucky to be able to employ from such a diverse and talented bunch of folks.
  • Lessen Environmental Impact
    When businesses source locally, there is generally a much smaller carbon footprint when transporting goods. See how far your favorite products travel to get to our shelves.
  • Support Community Groups
    Studies show that non-profit organizations receive more than twice as much support from smaller business owners than they do from large corporations. Learn about a few of the organizations we sponsor here.
  • Invest in Our Community’s Future
    Local businesses owners live in the community and are less likely to leave. They are invested in the community’s future growth and development. City Feed owners, David Warner and Kristine Cortese, have lived in JP for 15 years. The creation of City Feed was in direct response to the needs of the neighborhood. They are in it for the long haul!
  • Interested in this topic?
    A couple resources and links:
    Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston
    Why Buy Local by Michael Schuman
    More City Feed Links and Resources

Why buy local?

  • Locally grown produce is fresher.
    Produce grown locally is typically picked less than 24 hours before it reaches the shelf, versus produce that has traveled many miles and several days since being harvested.
  • Locally grown produce is better for you!
    The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables decline with time after they are harvested. The fresher the vegetables are, the better they are for you!
  • Locally grown produce TASTES BETTER!
    Fresh Picked, locally grown produce tastes so much better because it is able to ripen longer on the vine = more flavor! Once you’ve tasted a local tomato or peach you will never go back!
  • Buying locally grown food is environmentally responsible
    When you buy locally grown food, you reduce carbon emissions and packing materials, lessening your environmental footprint. Buying locally grown food helps preserve our open spaces The local farming landscape will only survive as long as farms are financially viable. When you buy local food you do your part to protect the agricultural landscape, keeping New England…well New England!

Check out SEMAP for great information on farmers markets and locally produced goods.

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